So this is my new omnibus blog. I’ve tried splitting things up into categories, but truth be told, considering that a mainstay of my overall philosophy is that everything is interconnected, that makes about as much sense as the final episode of Lost. It may have seemed like a good idea for a hot minute, but in the end, remains unsatisfying.

Be aware, I am a rampant Progressive Atheist, with a very low tolerance for stupidity, especially of the willful kind, and will not hesitate to wield the ole Sword of Snark. This isn’t about tolerance or fairness, this is my fucking blog. Don’t come shit on my rug and expect to be “tolerated”. Trolls are a sad fact of life in this ego-or-die world, and mocking them is one of the few pleasures I have left in this world, thanks to the collapse of my metabolism and ability to process alcohol in vast quantities. Ah, the joys of the 4 AM donuts after a night of pint glasses of whiskey. Time, you can eat a bag of shit.

Along with politics and social criticism, I’ll be doing movie and music reviews, maybe even some recording logs and gear stuff. We’ll see. I’ll try to tag stuff so people can sort easily. As if anyone’s ever going to read this. But there it is, my imaginary reader. Enjoy.

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