Tea Party Racism Rant from FB:

I was actually asked to “provide evidence” this morning that the Tea Party contains racists. Which I actually find less offensive than the GOP’s complete misunderstanding of basic economics. We all know racists are fuckbags, but people actually still think “fiscal Conservatives” know what their talking about, and THAT shit is SCARY.

The problem is the cognitive dissonance of people completely incapable of addressing their own racist agenda – the problem isn’t that specific Republicans believe that straight White people should have all the money, it’s that people are so wrapped in their identity as Conservatives that they completely lose the ability to apply critical thinking to their own party. When people say “both parties are the same”, I call bullshit for this reason: The Democratic Party is made up of a bunch of different voices – racial minorities, Labor, LGBTQ groups, different political ideologies (Socialists, Communists, Progressives, etc), different religions (Episcopalians, Jews, and Atheists, oh my!), people from all over the spectrum used to examining the consensus agenda, and molding it with their own perspective. Sure, there are plenty of Liberal sheeple, but at the higher levels of activism, there is a lot of diversity, not just of race, but of thought. Cornell West is very different from Gloria Steinem or Al Sharpton from Richard Dawkins, and not just racially. The irony of this is that Republicans can look at their monolithic homogeneity of thought and actually proclaim ” we don’t care what you look like, Black, Brown, Woman, whatever” and have a leg to stand on… until you realize that the second half of that sentence is “…as long as you fight for the rights of Straight White People”. Bottom line is that “we don’t see race” is a great defense for racists. Because they don’t understand racial dynamics any more than they do gender dynamics – that’s why attacking a woman’s right to chose isn’t sexist, but criticizing Michelle Bachmann for wanting America to default and crash the world economy is. O.o The definition of a predjudice is not just someone who “doesn’t like” a group, it;s one that actively belives that group is “inferior”, and less deserving of rights, protections, opportunities. And THIS is what defines the GOP agenda. OUR America. We’re taking OUR America back. THOSE PEOPLE are INFERIOR and DO NOT DESERVE America. Unless they are like us – we’ll let “the good ones” play in our sandbox as long as they behave. Trying to get people mired in that mindset to see the inherent racism and xenophobia that clearly resides in all aspects of that agenda, when wrapped in “what, we just want small government, lower taxes, and freedom, man, how is that racist?” is all but impossible.

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